Best Restaurants in Barrhaven

Top Restaurants in Barrhaven

Why is Barrhaven a Hot Spot for Restaurants?

Barrhaven, Ontario, has emerged as a culinary hotspot, offering an impressive array of dining experiences that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From the intimate and authentic Greek flavors at Pinelopi’s Greek Kitchen to the cozy Italian ambiance at Juluca’s, the area boasts a rich tapestry of global cuisines. The family-owned Phynicia adds Lebanese culinary artistry to the mix, while Greenfields Public House infuses the local dining scene with its vibrant gastropub vibe and eclectic menu. Meanwhile, Khokha Eatery brings the bold and intricate flavors of Pakistani cuisine to the table. This variety, coupled with the welcoming atmosphere and commitment to quality across these establishments, makes Barrhaven an exciting destination for food lovers seeking both traditional and innovative culinary experiences.


Pinelopi’s Greek Kitchen

Description: A family-owned Greek restaurant known for its romantic and intimate setting, offering authentic Greek specialties. The menu includes dishes like flaming Saganaki, souvlaki skewers, gnocchi Mykonos, and champagne scallop risotto. The restaurant also offers fine wines and signature Greek yogurt cheesecake. Address: 4100 Strandherd Dr #109, Nepean, ON Contact: 613-843-1111 Operating Hours: Tue-Thu: 4 PM – 8 PM, Fri-Sat: 4 PM – 9 PM, Sun: 4 PM – 8 PM, Mon: Closed Google Rating: 4.3/5​​​​.



Description: A cozy Italian eatery specializing in pasta and pizzas. Known for its homemade sauces, pasta, and doughs, Juluca’s offers an extensive menu including mussels in white wine, various pasta dishes, and pizzas with generous toppings. Address: 613 Longfields Dr Unit 107, Ottawa Operating Hours: Tue-Sun: 4 PM onwards Google Rating: 3.6/5​​.



Description: This family-owned Lebanese restaurant offers a charming ambiance with a menu centered around meat pies and other Lebanese specialties. Popular items include shawarma pie, sujuk and cheese pie, Mhamara pie, falafels, and Arabic-style breakfast options. Address: 605 Longfields Dr Unit: 9, Nepean, ON Contact: 613-440-3050 Operating Hours: Daily: 9 AM – 8 PM Google Rating: 4.3/5​​.

green fields public house

Greenfields Public House

Description: A gastropub established in 1994, offering a variety of bar eats and an extensive beer menu. The menu features items like sticky calamari, GPH burger, various tacos, Philly cheesesteak, and bacon truffle mac and cheese. The pub also hosts live music events. Address: 900 Greenbank Road, Ottawa, Ontario Operating Hours: Daily: 11 AM – 2 AM Google Rating: 3.2/5​​.


Khokha Eatery

Description: A Pakistani restaurant offering a modern take on traditional cuisine. The menu includes dishes like bun kabab, Khokha rolls, chicken biryani, butter chicken, spicy Hakka noodles, and a traditional Pakistani breakfast platter on weekends. Address: 605 Longfields Dr Unit 13, Ottawa Operating Hours: Tue: 4 PM onwards, Wed-Sun: Noon onwards Google Rating: 3.52/5​​.

These restaurants represent a diverse range of cuisines and dining experiences, each offering a unique taste of Barrhaven’s culinary scene.